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Marvin Pirila

Marvin Pirlia

Marvin Pirila


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As a former homeowner and current commercial residential owner, property manager, maintenance, and general contractor of my project, I have learned a lot about many real estate issues.

My greatest endeavor in real estate really came by chance. As a boy, I visited a friend who lived in the Old Prairie Lake School in Floodwood and since longed for my kids to have the same experience. When the Old Washington School became available, I jumped at it. My dreams were soon tempered by the reality of zoning boards, building inspectors, banks, and the many other aspects that can turn dreams into distant hopes. Building codes meant architects, structural and soil engineers, and separate plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and building code inspections.

I bought during an economic downturn and endured financing challenges due to the conversion of school rooms to commercial residential units. Banks were looking for building-income at a time when large outlays of expenses were necessary. Low rental income meant low appraisals.

Navigating the realities of property ownership takes vision while considering costs. To make money, you must know every business deduction, so I become a tax specialist. Real estate has many dynamics and many that I have been fortunate to have experienced first-hand. If you are moving and need a storage unit, I have some available in Esko.

During three decades of managing several post offices in the area, I did everything possible to provide reliable, timely, and excellent overall service. Over the last 15 years, I have promoted northland communities via These are the same standards you can expect from me in finding you the right buyer or seller for your property.

Our dreams are real if you are pursuing them. It would be my honor and privilege to help you in pursuing yours.